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Our newest product, “GROUND GRUNT'R” concept began 6 years ago. Game calls are typically used to simulate sounds produced by various animals, animals that are either hunted or photographed. A problem with these devices is that the caller and the game call sounding in close proximity to each other can disclose the location of the caller, causing the animal to be alerted, increasing the chance of the caller being discovered, located and possibly seen; thus, provoking the animal to flee.  

The need to separate the caller from the noise being made by the call by several feet of tubing prompted this invention. Callers can situate themselves in a tree or at a separated distance on the ground and blow through the tube, causing the game call to produce sounds away from the caller. The device may also be inserted onto various life-size decoys. Deer do not grunt in trees...

The “grunt chamber” currently contains an incredible sounding deer grunt call - with an expandable end to vary the pitch.

UPDATE: Grunt Technologies joined forces with Flextone Game Calls and Wildgame Innovations in recent months. This partnership has accelerated the "GROUND GRUNT" invention, and is now called the "GROUND GRUNT'R." The GROUND GRUNT'R hit the ATA and Shot Show convention floors in January of 2014 with a bang, and promises to be one of the hottest deer hunting items this fall. 


THE NEW GROUND GRUNT'R will be made "Tree Stand Ready" so you can actually have hoses at all of your hunting locations set up and ready to go. You simply unscrew the GROUND GRUNT'R from the hose and take it with you. This will make it simple to use, and eliminate one more thing you have to set up when going to your stand. Additional 30' hose lengths and connectors will also be available for purchase for longer lengths. The GROUND GRUNT'R has been tested for lengths up to 100' plus. 

GROUND GRUNT'R (Trademarked with U.S. and Canadian Patents are owned by Flextone Game Calls and is proudly made in the USA) needs to be transported in the enclosed backpack, which includes paracords and zip ties for securing the mouthpiece end of the hose to the upper platform area; and if desired, midpoint of the hose and to the base of a tree. Special care should be given to not cause any kink in the tubing when transporting or when in use. Kinks will prevent air travel from the mouthpiece to the tuned air chamber, which houses the grunt call. If you choose to make your hunting location "GROUND GRUNT'R READY" and have hoses at multiple locations, simply use the caps that are attached at the top and bottom of the 30' hose and secure into hose openings to prevent bugs and insects from getting inside when you leave. 

If you choose to wait and set up your GROUND GRUNT'R upon arriving at your stand, gently unroll the 30' hose (similar to unrolling a garden hose, being careful to not let it "spring" and uncoil in an unmanaged fashion) - and either lower the call toward the ground from an elevated platform, or roll it out on the ground AWAY from your ground blind/location. From up in a tree stand/platform, use the enclosed paracord to secure the tube below a limb, gun/bow holder or other structure up in your stand, leaving 2 to 3 feet dangling for ease of access and use. Enclosed are paracords and zip ties that can also be used to secure the hose at midpoint and at the base of the tree after your hunt. Your GROUND GRUNT'R does not necessarily need to be secured anywhere other than up in your stand if you are in a temporary setup. DO NOT place anything over or around the tube that would constrict airflow.

Grunt Technologies recommends the GROUND GRUNT'R Chamber to hang up off the ground, preferably at a height equal to the deer's mouth. Keeping it up and off the ground will prevent the tuned air chamber from clogging up. 

The GROUND GRUNT'R also works well attached to a decoy. PLEASE DO NOT LAY THE GROUND GRUNT'R on the ground. The grunt call chamber has an engineered back pressure hole that must not be clogged. It is best to tie it on the neck or belly of a decoy. Again, DO NOT drape the tube over a limb or any structure. SUSPEND the tube with the cord. Blowing a SMALL amount of air into the mouthpiece activates the grunt call. Blowing too hard, as with any call, will distort the pitch and produce an awful sound! Practice at home before you are in the field.


*DO NOT KINK THE TUBE or place anything over the tube that will restrict the airflow.

*Secure the mouthpiece end of the tube where you will have easy access. 

*DO NOT drape the tube over a limb or any structure.

*DO NOT lay your GROUND GRUNT'R on the ground.

*DO NOT immerse under water.

*SUSPEND the tube with the paracord.

*PRACTICE blowing small amounts of air into the tube. It doesn't take much to activate the call!

*DO NOT leave the GROUND GRUNT'R Chamber in the woods for prolonged periods of time or in extreme weather conditions.