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David Jackson is President of Grunt Technologies, and is known as the "Grunt Commander" in many circles - especially in social media circles. David and his wife, Shelia, are parents of three, grandparents of seven, and live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. David’s hunting and outdoor passion fueled the birth of Grunt Technologies and the Grunt Commander Series, as well as ongoing creation of unique and specialized hunting products. 

David is also a writer/content specialist for the VisionAmp, a local company that builds hundreds of websites. David has an AA degree in Music from Williams Baptist University, Music Theory and Composition degrees from Ouachita Baptist University (Bachelor’s), and Arkansas State University (Master’s). He has served in various administrative roles over the past 35 years, and is a recipient of several video production and video editing awards from programs that have aired locally, nationally, and internationally. David is also a writer, song writer, musician, piano tuner, avid hunter and outdoorsman, and hunting product inventor with Flextone Game Calls.